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About us

So much of our culture changes with every message surrounding politics, Hollywood, or the media. When it comes to church, people should be able to connect with a timeless message that is strong and firm. This is why at GLBC, we have no desire to be culturally casual or trendy in our worship services. The Bible teaches that God deserves better.

With that in mind, allow us a few moments to tell you what you can expect:

Preaching that is Bible based and Christ centered.

We promise that you will be anything but bored during the preaching. It won't be dry or irrelevant. The Word of God is absolute truth that contains a clear, relevant, and timeless message to strengthen and increase your faith.

Singing that generates a humble and thankful attitude towards God.

Church shouldn't sound like a rock concert or a country western karaoke bar. Neither should the music of the church be lifeless and boring. At GLBC, the congregation sings the most truthful and exciting form of music used in the church - hymns. Come enjoy and rediscover the excitement and appreciation of gospel hymn singing.

Ministry that is Family Oriented

Every ministry at GLBC is focused to helping families grow in love, service, and grace toward each other, God's church, and most importantly, God Himself. As much as possible, our desire is for families to worship together, serve in the church together, and pray together.

Now that you know a little about us, we hope in the very near future we can get to know a little about you. May God bless you as you consider visiting GLBC.

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